Xylem is a leading global water technology and solutions provider with a presence in 150+ countries. Sivan leads Xylem Innovation Labs, Xylem’s global team that partners with start-ups and universities to accelerate technology development and commercialization of emerging technologies that are at the cutting-edge of creating a water-secure world.

Ahead of World Water-Tech North America, we spoke to Sivan Zamir, VP for Xylem Innovation Labs at Xylem to find out what advice she has for start-ups looking for funding and pilot partners in the water sector. Watch the full interview (12 minutes) for all her valuable insights.

“For emerging start-ups, get as much non-diluted capital as you can upfront. With that capital, focus on refining your product market fit and getting a couple of reference customers that will speak on your behalf. If you do all this, you are better positioned to raise and grow your capital. To raise venture capital, you have to tell your story with the four Ts: Team, Tech, Traction and the Total Addressable Market.”

Hear more Sivan at World Water-Tech North America by joining the Investor Debate on ‘Making Water an Irresistible Value Proposition’ on Wednesday October 25 at 4.55pm PT.