9 Breakthrough Technologies Transforming the Water-Tech Industry

Nine powerful start-ups will spotlight the latest innovations in water-tech, including real-time analytics, machine learning, AI, biotechnology, water infrastructure financing, wastewater treatment, industrial sludge management and data modelling at World Water-Tech North America (Los Angeles, October 29-30).

From the highly anticipated Technology Showcase sessions to the TechHub networking area, the summit offers early-mid-stage start-ups the opportunity to pitch their technology to over 250 senior water-tech leaders, including investors, technology integrators, engineering companies, utilities and industrial end-users seeking fresh ideas and potential collaborations with agile tech innovators.

Featured start-ups at World Water-Tech North America include:

120WaterAudit‘s (USA) water program management platform includes cloud software and kits that transform how public water systems, facilities and government agencies manage their water programs that protect public health. With customers like Suez, Chicago Public Schools, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, and the State of Indiana, 120WaterAudit manages over 160,000 locations in 14 states to impact over six million lives.

Aqaix (USA) cloud platform revolutionizes water infrastructure financing using data and advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain smart contracts. Asset investors improve profitability through more deals, derisking, and more efficient screening, due diligence, and portfolio monitoring. Originators have faster access to more capital.

Aquagga is B-Corp developing a cost-effective wet-waste treatment solution capable of cleaning and desalinating a variety of industrial effluents. Our unique selling point couples both supercritical water technology with advanced additive manufacturing (sH2O-AM). Aquagga was initially a patent spin-off from the University of Alaska but has grown with a passion to reimagine and develop a new generation of tech that captures valuable salts, metals, water, and energy from wet-waste while making a positive social/environmental impact.

Forward Water Technologies (Canada) offers new, efficient, low cost ways to clean and recycle heavily contaminated industrial wastewater, reducing treatment costs by more than 40%. It directly impacts a user’s revenue stream, lowers energy needs up to 20x, reduces GHG output by 30-40%, and reclaims clean water for re-use.

FREDsense (Canada) is a world leader in portable and rapid instrumentation systems for the water industry. It specializes in analyzing water chemistry in real-time using next generation biological sensor technology. With modular and customizable sensor solutions, FREDsense is moving analytical lab analysis into the field empowering water utilities, environmental consulting firms and heavy industry to start optimizing their water sources in ways it has never been possible before.

GeoEnvironment Technologies
(USA) is revolutionizing municipal and industrial sludge management using its patented slurry injection process, which provides cost and performance advantages over current alternatives. The technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions and impact on water and air resources, integrates into existing wastewater treatment plants, avoids both PFAS discharge and land application, and beneficially reuses organic content. The technology can be applied to biosolids, sludge (raw, activated or thickened), food waste, septage, leachate and brine.

Maia Analytica (Canada) software company provides real-time analytical tools to assist the next generation of wastewater treatment operators with proactive decision making. Its team of engineers work with facilities to identify key decision points and build AI systems to deliver operators with optimized real-time recommendations. Maia Analytica’s mission is to ease the transition to a new generation of operators that will continue to safely and efficiently protect our waterways.

Rezatec (UK) applies satellite data, artificial intelligence and data modelling to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the water industry. From predicting where leaks will occur in a water network, to identifying sources of pollution to improve water quality, Rezatec helps its customers around the world to improve their margins, enhance competitive advantage and optimize asset management.

Water Harvesting Inc (WHI) was formed in the summer of 2018 to commercialize atmospheric water harvesting systems based on MOFs (metal organic frameworks). WHI owns the exclusive rights to commercialize the use of UC Berkeley’s MOF materials for atmospheric water capture. For this purpose, WHI has developed a technology that exploits the unique ability of MOF materials to adsorb and release water seamlessly, with little energy penalty, unlike conventional, condensation-based water harvesters.

The World Water-Tech North America summit gathers water leaders from across the continent and around the world to discuss the innovation, investment, partnerships and business models needed to drive efficiency and resiliency in water and wastewater systems.

Full information on the summit, program, speakers and delegate registration is available at www.worldwatertechnorthamerica.com

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