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Day One — November 2, 2017 Morning

Financing Water Resilience: Finding the Funds in Utility Data

Trevor Hill, Chairman & CEO, FATHOM

Trailblazing Ahead: Innovating for the Needs of Tomorrow

– What is the single biggest challenge facing the water industry today, and how are we innovating to meet these needs?
– What areas are ripe for technological advancements and what is missing from the industry?
– How can we truly create environments that are conducive to innovation? What successful innovation programs are we seeing that evaluate, validate and pilot new technologies?
– What are the barriers and drivers to accelerating the adoption of solutions and how can we be more creative in building value propositions that better meet the sector’s needs?

Session Chair:
Helge Daebel, Investment Director, Emerald Technology Ventures

Mike Orth, Executive Managing Director of the Americas, Black & Veatch
Brent Yamasaki, Assistant Manager, Water System Operations Group, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Indra Maharjan, Program Manager, Energy Conservation and Climate Change, Ontario Clean Water Agency
Steven Cole, Assistant Director of Water Operations Division, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

Paving the Way for Innovation in Procurement Models

– What alternative project delivery models are emerging between utilities, engineering consultancies and technology providers to accelerate the development and implementation of technology? What enables a business model to deliver on a technology’s potential?
– Which project structures and approaches are favoured by municipalities who are looking to manage and mitigate technology risk in large-scale water projects?
– What can we learn from other industries who have successfully adopted more innovative approaches to procurement? How can we foster greater collaboration between each stakeholder in the water supply chain?

Session Chair:
Mohsen Mortada, CEO, Cole Engineering

Chris Franklin, CEO, Aqua America
Fred Nenninger, Acting General Manager, Liquid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver
Patrick Regan, Key Accounts & Partnerships Director, Evoqua Water Technologies
Chris Koski, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure

Networking Coffee Break
Digitization and a New Intelligent Era of Opportunity

– How can we leverage digitization to transform centralized, reactive, asset-intensive utilities to create more intelligent, adaptive and proactive environments?
– What are the different layers that make up digitization?
– What key areas of technology and data management have the power to transform the traditional utility model? How are utilities evolving their structure to effectively manage and integrate new data and information? How will this impact on traditional operations?
– Who are the advocates of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, and how have they effectively integrated these solutions into their operational procedures?

Session Chair:
Gigi Karmous-Edwards, Digital Business, Amane Advisors

Verna Arnette, Deputy Director, Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Geoff Riggs, Project Manager, Business Development, IBM
Cecil McMaster, Deputy Commissioner – CIO, NYC  Dept. Environmental Protection
Alexis Smith, CEO, IMGeospatial

Masterclass in Deep Learning: How AI is Set to Disrupt the Industry

Thouheed Gaffoor, CEO & Co-Founder, EMAGIN Clean Technologies, Canada

Technology Showcase: Early Stage Tech Companies Pitch Their Solutions in 7 Minutes

Presenting Companies:
Ben Kerr, CEO, Foundry Spatial, Canada
James Perry, Director Business Development, Utilis, Israel
Paraskevas Bourgos, Senior Solution Architect, Wings ICT Solutions, Greece
Patrick Kiely, CEO, Island Water Technologies, Canada
Jessica Linville, CEO, RWEDI Solutions, USA

Steve Kloos, Partner, True North Venture Partners

Networking Lunch Break

Day One — November 2, 2017 Afternoon

Do We Need to Rethink Investment Models to Spur Market Growth?

– Dwindling supply and increasing demand signals a real need for innovative solutions to solve the global water crisis, so why isn’t the industry flooded with investment and opportunity?
– How can we overcome the roadblocks to making water the next big investment sector? Does water fit into the 21st century venture capital model?
– Are we seeing new players enter the market? Where are the investments in early-stage technology companies?
– Which areas of technology are the most lucrative? What water unicorns should we expect to see galloping from the stables?

Session Chair:
Cristina Ahmadpour, President, Isle Utilities

Noah Sabich, Director, Cimbria Capital
Tony Van Bommel, Senior Managing Partner, Industrial Clean and Energy Technology Venture Fund, BDC Capital, Canada
John Chahbandour, Partner, Hydro Venture Partners
David Henderson, Founder, XPV Water Partners

Opportunities for Treating China’s Wastewater Goals through Innovation

Wei Feng, Regional Director North America, Umore Cleantech Consulting
Haifeng Weng, Technology Lead, Honess

Roundtable Discussions
Networking Coffee Break
Generating New Revenue Streams for Future Financing

– With federal support under threat, how are utilities intending to finance initiatives to become more self-sufficient and resilient? What new revenue streams will we see emerge to help balance capital needs?
– How can we free up capital for future investment by harnessing the power of technology to save on current operations and drive efficiencies? What is the best use of investment dollars to enhance operations and maximize ROI?
– As the conservation conundrum spells trouble for some, how are utilities innovating to balance declining water consumption and resulting lower revenues to finance future needs?

Session Chair:
Nicolette Bateson, Chief Financial Officer, Great Lakes Water Authority

John Entsminger, General Manager, Las Vegas Valley Water District/Southern Nevada Water Authority
Kishia Powell, Commissioner, Department of Watershed Management, Atlanta
Trevor Hill, Chairman & CEO, FATHOM
Melissa Meeker, CEO, Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

Energy and Resource Recovery: A New Paradigm for Utilities

– As the water sector aspires to optimize energy efficiencies, how can utilities fast track to energy neutral/positive? What are the barriers to supporting and achieving energy neutral goals?
– Who is leading the way in terms of resource recovery?
– What technologies are most in demand? What we can learn from recent case studies of success?’

Session Chair:
Adam Krantz, CEO, National Association of Clean Water Agencies
Claus Møller Pedersen, Chief Operating Officer, Aarhus Vand, Denmark
Mads Warming, Global Director Water & Waste Water, Danfoss
Jeff Peeters, Senior Product Manager, SUEZ
Pat Whalen, CEO, LuminUltra

Day Two — November 3, 2017 Morning

Ministerial Welcome Address

The Honourable Minister Chan, Minister of International Trade, Ontario, Canada

Keynote Address

Dennis Lee Forsgren, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Water, US EPA

Building Resilience in Response to Crisis and Extreme Events

– As feast or famine scenarios become the new norm, how are cities with traditionally stable climates adapting to and reducing the impact of more frequent extremes?
– What solutions are emerging to reduce severity, disruption and cost? How can technological innovation help to build resilience and mitigate climate risks?
– What have we learned from recent disasters? Has this changed standard practice and what do the future hold for the Paris Agreement?
– How do utilities intend to address new pain points such as emerging contaminants?

Session Chair:
Michelle Brownlee, Director, Clean Growth Hub, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Paula Kehoe, Director of Water Services, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Ben Stanford, Senior Director, Water Research and Development, American Water
Ted Henifin, General Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Madjid Mohseni, Professor, RES’EAU-WaterNET

Technology Showcase: Early Stage Tech Companies Pitch Their Solutions in 7 Minutes

Presenting Companies:
Rachel Major, CEO, Nuleaf Tech, USA
Sondre Eikås, Advisor, Hias, Norway
Darrin McMillin, VP of Operations, Stormpal, Canada
Rob van der Meij, Director, EFC Separations, The Netherlands
Lynn Mueller, President, SHARC Energy Systems, Canada

Steve Kloos, Partner, True North Venture Partners

Networking Brunch
Industrial vs Municipal: Presenting the Pioneers in Water Reuse

This session will showcase case studies of success in water reuse across industrial and municipal sectors. Discussion will focus opportunities to accelerate the growth of alternative water sources, in addition to analyzing the roadblocks to such an approach. Emphasis will also be placed on the main reasons for implementing water reuse strategies and new drivers that are gaining traction.

Session Chair:
Eric Meliton, Project Manager, Water Stewardship, Partners in Project Green

Denis Bilodeau, Board President, Orange County Water District
Bart Weiss, Division Director, Reclaimed Water and Discharge Elimination Division, Public Utilities Department, Hillsborough County BOCC
Roberta Barbieri, Vice President, Global Water and Environmental Solutions, PepsiCo
Omar El Sherif, Production Technology & Development Engineer, Arla Foods

Day Two — November 3, 2017 Afternoon

Breaking New Ground: Accelerating the Adoption of Water Technologies in Mining

– What are the main challenges facing the mining sector? What is the role of technology and innovation in helping major mining companies overcome these hurdles?
– How do changing regulations impact on technology selection, and what innovations are spurring most interest?
– How can incentive schemes and greater collaboration between key water players foster water stewardship initiatives and create opportunities?

John McCartney, Vice President, Water Management, Barrick Gold Corporation
Robert Kennedy, CTO, Newterra

Critical Success Factors for Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Corporate Investment

– How have corporate players evolved their approach to M&A over the past few years? Is preference being placed on internal R&D, external collaboration or corporate venture capital arms to foster innovation and technology implementation?
– What are the main factors influencing the diversification of portfolios? What market forces are driving deal flow?
– What do the critical success-factors for a water-tech investment or acquisition look like?
– How can startups prepare for a successful exit? Are exits in the form of M&As or IPOs most attractive?

Session chair:
Peter Gallant, President & CEO, WaterTAP

Henry Charrabé, CEO, Fluence
Mark Felix, Investment Manager, Dow Venture Capital
Nathen Myers, Vice President, Municipal Sales SUEZ

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