Pre-Summit Workshop – October 28, 2019

Halving Leakage by 2050: Exploring the Strategies and Technologies That Will Get Us There.

Discussions, Innovation Presentations and ‘Design Sprint’ Workshop
Drinks, Casual Dinner and Water-Themed Quiz

October 29, 2019 Morning

Utilities and Industries Breakfast (by invitation)
Welcome Remarks
Keynote Address – Achieving 100% Water Recycling
CEO Forum
  • Which innovative ways of working are driving the evolution of the 21st Century water utility?
  • How compelling is the case for strengthening utility resiliency and efficiency through consolidation?
  • What measures should a water utility and industry be adopting to thrive in a digital world? Is there too much energy and resource focussed here?
  • Should water stewards be sharing learning and data across borders to better facilitate innovation and projects, and if so – how?
  • What are the successful regulatory drivers that support utilities and industry to deploy advanced technologies?
  • What keeps you up at night?
Indirect and Direct Reuse: Developments in Technology and Policy
  • How far have we come and what are the next steps in the journey to indirect and direct potable reuse?
  • What are the key policy barriers and how are they being overcome? How can we get buy-in from stakeholders and the public?
  • What can we learn from communities and cities that have successfully influenced public perception and are overcoming the so-called “yuk” factor?
  • OPEX vs CAPEX – what are the most efficient pathways to building out long-lasting reuse infrastructure?
  • Which water recycling approaches can utilities learn from industry, and vice-versa?
Networking Coffee Break
Sustainable Industry: Stewardship and Strategy
  • From scarcity, quality and access to equity and environmental justice – what is the role of the private sector in solving water challenges?
  • Do you believe private sector engagement to address water risks is “stalled”? Where do we need to be by 2025?
  • Is investment in water technology innovation part of your strategy? If not, why not?
  • To what extent are you actively making direct investments in technology deployment across your supply chain?
  • Where can synergies and efficiencies be developed between private stewards and public utilities?
Engineer 2.0: From Desk to Field
  • Which changes and innovations in the workplace are redefining the engineer of today?
  • How is human and artificial intelligence shaping the future of design and asset management?
  • What does an engineer’s digital console of the future look like and how will this affect what can be achieved in the field?
  • With ever faster internet connectivity and cloud computing capacity, how might we see BIM evolve over the next 5 years?
  • How can open data in digital twins contribute to new products and services for efficient and sustainable water treatment?
  • It’s all about your people… what must be done to inspire and implement behavior change from the bottom-up?
Technology Showcase Sessions

Start-ups pitch their technology solutions in 7 minutes and then take questions from our panel of ‘sharks’.

Networking Lunch Break

October 29, 2019 Afternoon

Asset Optimization: Locking in Resiliency
  • When we talk about resilience what do we really mean? What are the varying regional perspectives?
  • Where are the biggest opportunities? Digital solutions, infrastructure, storm management, compliance?
  • How is resiliency being prioritized across people, processes and technology?
  • There are new funds emerging that focus on P3 and “green infrastructure” related projects around the resiliency theme that are struggling to get into the market, why is that?
  • How can the industry free up resources to accelerate projects?
Roundtable Discussions

Drill down into specific topics and share your insight and expertise with a small group of delegates. Come prepared for lively discussions and diverse debate!

Networking Coffee Break
Rethinking Desalination – Membrane Innovation, Green Energy and Modular Plants
  • Which key innovations are set to have the greatest impact on making desalination more efficient and cost effective now and over the next 10 years?
  • 100% green desalination: a realistic ambition?
  • To what extent should we be focussing on upgrading existing plants vs building new facilities?
  • With increasing occurrences of drought and water stress in currently abundant areas, where can we expect brand new desalination demand to appear? What’s the timeline?
  • How far have we come in managing saline waste and what more needs to be done to avoid further damaging the environment?
Micropollutants: Tackling the Mighty Challenge Facing Water Quality

This discussion will address how utilities, municipalities and industry are innovating and deploying advanced technologies to tackle the complicated menace of microplastics, PFAS and endocrine disruptors, hormones, metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, solvents, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products throughout the water system.

Closing Remarks and Networking Drinks Reception

Day Two — October 30, 2019 Morning

Breakfast Briefing
Welcome Remarks
Keynote Address
Head of Innovation Forum
  • How are forward-thinking utilities and engineering firms developing innovation programs to evaluate and pilot new technologies? What’s the key to their success?
  • What does a successful culture of innovation look like? Which drivers take precedence: investment, incubation or creative thinking?
  • How far is innovation in business models, execution strategies and the team more important than technology itself?
  • What is the next big technology we might expect to see for driving efficiency or resiliency in water treatment?
From Machine Learning to Smart Water Grids: Hot Trends in Digital Transformation
  • What are the leading digital trends coming through in 2019 and what does the next 5 years look like?
  • Which digital solutions and innovations are utilities looking for right now? How can we leverage these solutions to optimize operations and lock in resiliency?
  • What are the barriers to increasing integration of digitization? How are stakeholders within the supply chain successfully adapting to and transforming their approach to support digital integration across utility networks?
  • How far is digitization changing the relationship between utilities and customers?
  • What new business models are emerging as a result of the digital evolution?
Networking Brunch

Day Two — October 30, 2019 Afternoon

Technology Showcase Sessions

Start-ups pitch their technology solutions in 7 minutes and then take questions from our panel of ‘sharks’.

Emerging Efficiencies and Resiliency in Agricultural Water Stewardship
  • Which technologies and innovative approaches are delivering more sustainable water usage by big agriculture?
  • Massive floods in 2019 are significantly hampering farmers with their planting schedules, especially in the Midwest. What urban flood management lessons, technologies and strategies can be deployed by rural utilities and municipalities to support essential crop cultivation?
Deals of the Year 2019

Leading investors in water technology come together to discuss the hottest deals of 2018/19 and share insight into the most exciting investment opportunities and challenges that may emerge over the coming year.

Close of Summit

Post-Event Tour – October 31, 2019

More details to follow…