Upgrading Water Management

Alain Dedieu - Schneider Electric - World Water-Tech Innovation Summit
Alain Dedieu, President Water Waste Water Segment, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SWITZERLAND

Sustainability and resilience are #1 topics for utility and industry players. Studies have shown that digital technologies are key enablers to achieve CO2 emissions reduction and water conservation. When investing into digital technologies, the hardware, software, and infrastructure of the equipment is then fully connected, efficient and you have proactive monitoring and control of the assets using front running technologies like AI.

Innovation is transforming the way water is managed, and that is having multiple impacts on our industry. From tangible improvements on operations, assets, people and the environment to more intangible results like the increased interest and new perception of our sector by citizens, investors, and the public in general – the water industry is a slow-moving sector to a more trendy-savvy one.

To facilitate a better understanding on this topic, Alain Dedieu, President Water Waste Water Segment at Schneider Electric played an integral part in developing the DIGITALEUROPE report on Upgrading Water Management: How to Turn Digital Investment into Real Sustainability Gains


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