AquaHacking 2018 Team E-Nundation Awarded $25,000 in Funding and a Spot at Le Camp to Build Out Their Solution To Better Predict and Adapt to Water Crisis.

On October 25, as part of Ontario’s Water Innovation Week in collaboration with WaterTAP and World Water-Tech North America, at the Design Exchange in Toronto, five teams of young innovators pitched their clean-tech solutions for the AquaHacking 2018 Lake Ontario Challenge for a chance at $50,000 in prizes and a spot at local incubators. Team E-Nundation claimed the first place, making a splash with their solution which produces maps of potential flooded areas and floodwater depth based on discharge forecasts from Environment Canada to better predict and adapt to flooding. AquaHacking, now in its fourth year, is a tech challenge designed to engage the next generation of water technology pioneers to tackle critical fresh water issues. With over 60 engineering and tech solutions developed and 15 solutions on the market or in development, AquaHacking has proven its capability to bring together key stakeholders and innovate for impact.

“It’s been an incredible journey for us, with opportunities to learn from, grow and connect with experts from tech, environment, business, academia and government,” said Karem Chokmani, Ph.D. of team E-Nundation. “We are thrilled by the positive response from the Jury and excited to continue working on our multi-platform application designed to tackle the challenge of flooding prediction and adaptation. We intend to build on our success here and do our part to drive positive environmental change for Lake Ontario, the City of Toronto and our country’s most vital resource; water.”

Since the Challenge’s launch in March, the five finalist teams have been working with mentors from water, engineering and technology sectors to develop functional and marketable clean-tech solutions for Lake Ontario. All of these solutions tackle real life challenges submitted by experts from Canada’s water sector.

“What makes AquaHacking special to me is the fact that the issues these young innovators are solving are championed by leaders from across the water sector, including eNGOs, municipalities and water organizations and are designed for impact,” said Bernadette Conant, AquaHacking 2018 Jury Member and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Water Network. “But what really blew me away during the Finals was the impressive passion and talent of what are certainly the leaders of Canada’s next generation of water technology leaders.”

Finalist teams who presented at the AquaHacking Finals:

Second Place: WaterPuris
There’s already sophisticated technology to break down endocrine-disrupting chemicals. But in the home? Not necessarily. WaterPuris hacks your toilet bowl to degrade EDCs using a combo of hydrogen peroxide and UV light.
Won $15,000; incubated at Velocity
Third Place: M Power Software
M Power Software are bringing together the IoT and AI to predict and measure sewage overflow.
Won 10,000, incubated at IBM Innovation Space
Runner-Up: EGC Labs
Real-time data, real-time warnings, long term learning: EGC Labs can help governments identify patterns of sewage overflow and even the reasons behind them.
Incubated at CENTECH
Runner-Up: SWIM
SWIM’s solution presents robust and versatile decentralized sewage overflow detection with their drone-assisted infrared camera.
Incubated at InnovationXL

About the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation and AquaHacking
Founded in 1990, the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation is a family-run philanthropic organisation dedicated to water conservation and to supporting family businesses. The Foundation employs an approach known as entrepreneurial philanthropy in its aim to support individuals, families in business, and organisations in becoming responsible agents of positive and sustainable change within their communities.
The de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation spearheaded AquaHacking, which is now also supported by various partner organisations. AquaHacking is a fresh water tech challenge, engaging young innovators to develop clean-tech solutions for pressing fresh water issues.