Arcadis launched a survey in October 2018 to explore the impact digital is having on utility innovation.

Digitally enabled innovation: The power lies with people

We asked our network to add their voice to this survey to provide the industry with insights from utilities and water industry influencers. Discover Arcadis’ findings in its recent report.

The water sector is exploring how data-centric technology can improve water quality and system flows. But even in a digitised environment, true innovation requires a human element.

For water utilities, leveraging the potential of digitally enabled innovation hinges on building and empowering a fit-for-future workforce.

Digital transformation and end-to-end digital integration of business models can streamline business processes, break organisational silos, improve decision-making and deliver greater value and customer experience.

However, there are still gaps preventing the majority of utility leaders from fostering innovative cultures. For many organisations, failure to leverage their most powerful asset—people—is holding them back.

More than 90 organisations responded. This report summarises key findings and introduces considerations for moving forward. Also featured in this report are utility innovation stories told by leaders from across the water sector.

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