• AI-based edge computing and powerful analytics combine to transform water management for utilities

  • One major U.S. metropolitan area reduced apparent water loss by more than 300 million gallons in less than 12 months

  • Breakthrough solution also identifies recovered revenue, often used by utilities to fund other projects and delay rate increases

Olea Edge Analytics, a provider of intelligent solutions and services for the water utility industry, today announced the industry’s first real-time, utility-wide water loss solution, designed to help utilities account for every drop produced and transforming water management in the process.

Olea puts real-time water loss control within reach by combining AI-based edge computing and powerful analytics to diagnose both real and apparent water loss. Olea’s sensor-based, data-driven assessment works across different brands and types of utility infrastructure to identify and diagnose leaks, pressure changes, meter failures, storage tank issues, unauthorized consumption and more.

“Olea Oasis takes the guesswork out of water loss audits, giving utilities better visibility into the water distribution network and empowering them with validated, data-driven insights,” said Ben Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Olea Edge Analytics. “With Olea, utilities can assess and proactively manage all sources of water loss in real time, so there are no surprises. They can now make data-driven decisions about how and where their actions will have the most impact.”

Olea Oasis Equips Utilities with Real-Time Data to Manage Water Loss As It Occurs
Water loss events across the water distribution network are displayed as they happen in the Olea Oasis,™ Olea’s utility portal. Equipped with this comprehensive view of water loss, utilities can manage water loss as it occurs, prioritizing response by the level of loss and path to resolve.

Multiple utilities have deployed Olea’s solution, including a top-10 major metropolitan area in the United States that reduced apparent water loss by more than 300 million gallons in less than 12 months by deploying Olea’s technology on a small but critical portion of its infrastructure.

“Water loss is an industry-wide issue that, to date, has not had an industry-wide solution,” said Melissa Meeker, CEO of The Water Tower, a nonprofit organization committed to creating a thriving ecosystem of water innovation. “A universal solution that assesses all water loss — both real and apparent — and works on any infrastructure could be truly groundbreaking.”

Improving the Sustainability of Water Supply for California and Western U.S. Affected by Severe Drought Conditions
Along with reduced water loss, better audit scores and more efficient management, Olea Oasis brings other benefits to utilities, such as recovered revenue, which is often used by utilities to fund other projects and delay rate increases. Based on millions of data points, Olea Oasis can also predict which types of assets, such as meter brand and type, are most likely to fail and which failures are most likely to occur. Utilities can use that information to optimize asset management and extrapolate potential water loss issues across the distribution network.

“Water loss is increasingly important to address as utilities grapple with aging infrastructure and a finite water supply,” said Gigi Karmous-Edwards, an ambassador for SWAN, the leading global voice for the smart water sector, and founder and co-chair of SWAN’s Digital Twin workgroup. “Having accurate, real-time visibility into water loss across the utility could make a big difference in improving the sustainability of our water supply.”

About Olea Edge Analytics
Olea’s proven, AI-based edge technology empowers utilities to optimize water management and delivery so cities can account for every drop delivered, dramatically reducing water loss by hundreds of millions of gallons. Committed to helping water utilities combat aging infrastructure, meet greater demand and limit rate increases, Olea’s patented solutions combine IoT and edge computing capabilities to bring transparency, accuracy and reliability to the delivery of the world’s most precious resource.