Reuse of Water - The New Gold Rush?

Date: October 28
Time: 13.15 – 17.30

Following Mayor Eric Garcetti’s ambitious and visionary goal of recycling 100% of the Los Angeles’ wastewater by 2035, the sprawling ‘city of dreams’ is now one of the world’s most important epicenters of water reuse. With great challenges come great opportunities.

This deep dive program will look at the technologies and approaches you’ll need to adopt to move your organization towards a similarly bold goal in your regions.

Maximize your time at the World Water-Tech North America Summit 2019 by joining our pre-summit deep dive to explore the future of indirect and direct reuse, hosted at the famous Hyperion Water Treatment Plant (HWRP).

This program will be led by our local summit partners LA Sanitation & Environment, featuring talks, an expert panel discussion and breakout working groups looking at specific areas of innovation around water reuse: technology, adoption, communications & policy, energy.

This will be followed by a guided tour of the plant, which sits at the heart of Los Angeles’ ambitious reuse plans.


Registration at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Foyer, Marina del Rey

We will depart from the hotel at 1.30pm. Registration includes travel and afternoon refreshments – please note, lunch is not provided.

Bus to Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant
Welcome and Introduction

Enrique Zaldivar, Director & General Manager, LA SANITATION AND ENVIRONMENT

Reuse Leaders’ Forum

We ask: ‘With climate change and population growth accelerating water stress around the world, should building out reuse capacity be top of our list of priorities?’

Session Chair:
Mary Ann Dickinson, President & CEO, ALLIANCE FOR WATER EFFICIENCY
Peter Fiske, Director – Water Energy Resilience Research Institute (WERRI), UC BERKELEY
Booky Oren
Timeyin Dafeta
, Executive Hyperion Plant Manager, LA SANITATION AND ENVIRONMENT
Eleanor Torres
, Director of Public Affairs, ORANGE COUNTY WATER DISTRICT

Focussed Group Working Breakouts

We split into groups to discuss and map out specific challenges around reuse relevant to your business or organisation. We’ll be asking: What’s the problem? Who’s involved? What’s the solution? What’s the outcome?

  • Adoption – hosted by Booky Oren
  • Communication & Policy– hosted by Eleanor Torres
  • Energy Efficiency – hosted by Peter Fiske
  • Technology Innovation – hosted by Timeyin Dafeta

Tea, coffee and light refreshments

Guided Tour of the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant

The Hyperion Water Treatment Plant (HWRP), LA Sanitation and Environment’s flagship reclamation facility (and sometime backdrop to Hollywood blockbusters), is the largest reclamation plant west of the Mississippi and one of the biggest in the world.

The journey can be divided into five major areas:

1) Liquids: the separation of sludge from the wastewater

2) Solids: the management of the sludge after it has been removed from the wastewater

3) Monitoring: wastewater treatment process, air quality and the receiving water of Santa Monica Bay

4) Renewable Energy Facility: generating about 80% of Hyperion’s power needs (18.5 MW)

5) Water Recycling: 70 million gallons per day (MGD) are currently recycled – 35 MGD of effluent is distributed to West Basin and LADWP for beneficial reuse, and 35 MGD of filtered secondary effluent is distributed internally for equipment cooling and washing to offset potable water use. Hyperion will be increasing recycled water to 108 MGD by 2026.

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