8 START-UPS TACKLING THE WATER SYSTEM: As we emerge from the current crisis, the need for a more resilient water system has never been more urgent. Could start-ups provide the solutions?

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs are playing a critical role in transforming the water and wastewater landscape. They have the ability to pivot fast, adapting quickly to develop innovative solutions to the challenges experienced by water utilities and industrial water users. Through investment and collaboration, we can support their mission and accelerate their ambitions.

As a proven platform for disruptive innovators, the World Water-Tech North America summit will provide a powerful stage for this year’s selection of ambitious start-ups at the virtual summit on October 21-22.

“Start-ups will play a critical role in the future of water. We want to showcase the innovators we believe have the potential to transform our water and wastewater system. These are exciting companies ripe for investment and looking for partnership opportunities,” says Oscar Brennecke-Dunn, Conference Producer at World Water-Tech North America.

On October 21-22, the summit will invite eight high-flying entrepreneurs to pitch, present and demonstrate their technologies within the program’s four themed tracks focused on: Asset Optimization, Wastewater, Digital Transformations, and Reuse and Water Quality.


Remora Robotics provides autonomous drone boats that clean surface waste and collect data from waterways. Zachary Wadzinski, CEO explains: “The Remora is designed to do repetitive tasks autonomously while its modular design allows the addition of 3rd party payloads for whatever your waterway needs.”

Datatecnics solves the problem of unplanned bursts on water mains. “Having developed our predictive pipe monitoring system, CIPPS®, with UK water companies and universities, we’re excited to share how Datatecnics are working to eliminate sudden bursts on utilities’ networks through real-time deterioration tracking of in-service water and wastewater mains. World-Water Tech is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our technology to customers, investors and partners alike,” shares Suhayl Zulfiquar, COO.


Eco2Mix is changing how farmers adjust water pH. Waldo Moraga, CEO and Founder notes: “Most innovations in the water-tech industry rely on customer purchase and investment. Our company, however, offers a service for complete water pH treatment without any up-front costs, as the customer only pays for what they need. We are very confident in the reliability and results of our technology.”

Gen3Bio – generates profits from algae by producing specialty chemicals using a low-cost enzyme blend. “Gen3Bio looks forward to participating in the World Water-Tech North America Summit technology showcase. At this time, Gen3Bio is readying its pilot plant for its first on-site demonstration at a wastewater treatment facility using algae to remove nutrients from discharged wastewater and, now more than ever, being able to present to and receive feedback from investors is crucial, “ says Kelvin Okamoto, Founder and CEO.


VAPAR enables its users to identify nearly 50% more faults in their water pipe infrastructure. “VAPAR is excited to engage the participants of World Water-Tech North America with our digital platform that delivers a genuine bottom-line impact for our users,” explains Amanda Siqueira, CEO and Co-Founder.

Smart Valve manages and monitors valve operations and reduces transient pressure waves on a potable water network which is “already delivering benefits and cost savings for clients across the globe” says Andrew Talkes, Director.


Aclarity develops and sells proprietary electrochemical water treatment systems. Julie Mullen, Co-Founder and CEO shares: “The Aclarity Device is an ideal solution for smaller-scale industrial wastewater applications, or for locally treated drinking water in developing markets where large-scale centralized treatment plants are unavailable.”

Aqualiumos accelerates technology to eliminate toxic ‘forever chemicals’ (PFAS) in water. Niko Franceschi-Hofmann, CEO states: “Aqualumos is developing an integrative system for water utilities and manufacturers to cost effectively remediate PFAS and meet regulatory requirements.”

Many more gamechanging innovators will join the virtual World Water-Tech North America Summit on October 21-22, which will bring together the full water innovation ecosystem of utilities, municipalities, technology providers, engineering firms and consultancies, industrial end users and investors for two days of online networking and knowledge-exchange.

Full details of the program and delegate registration is available at www.worldwatertechnorthamerica.com