AQAIX and QSTONE CAPITAL to develop software and source opportunities in Water Finance.

February 25, 2019

Silicon Valley based Aqaix and Netherlands based QStone Capital have engaged in a business partnership combining Aqaix smart software to source water investment opportunities and the innovative water finance and project development activities of QStone Capital.

Both firms see the need to mobilize and facilitate private capital into the water sector, one of the most important areas of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDG6). Growing urbanization and the associated increased density of people and industries competing for the same essential availability of water require a transition towards a circular model of water. Software, Capital and innovative water re-use technologies are essential conditions to make this happen.

“In our role of facilitating the growing importance of an active role of finance in the development of bankable water treatment projects based on innovative water technologies,” says Jeroen Tielman of QStone Capital, “we see smart software being developed by Aqaix as an attractive tool for us connecting the right innovative water treatment technologies with projects and capital.”

With more and better data available and more private capital needed, the water sector is attracting technology start-ups to meet the need. Silicon Valley start-up Aqaix offers a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to source water projects in need of financing.Michael Gardner, CEO of Aqaix, says, “Water is changing quickly; new technologies lead both to the decentralization of water treatment, and to data on those operations.

Qstone Capital’s experience with financial innovation and capital structuring allow our software to support powerful and transformative financial models tied to data for fast and efficient decisions, and derisking. And software is the key to being able to scale these investments, so its an ideal partnership.

More on AQAIX
Aqaix is a Silicon Valley startup transforming the financing of water infrastructure of all types. The Aqaix cloud platform employs data and advanced technologies such as AI, APIs, and blockchain-based smart contracts to assist water investors and donors in finding more opportunities, derisking them, and managing investment portfolios.

The platform also enables innovative new financing models such as Pay For Performance and performance-based green bonds, and provides Asset-Level ESG analytics on water portfolios.

More on QStone
CapitalQStone is a young water investment engineering boutique founded by financial industry veteran Jeroen Tielman, who previously founded and ran IMQubator: a seeding fund for alternative investment strategies backed by APG.

QStone connects innovative water treatment technologies developed by SME’s with projects (mainly in India and Middle East) and capital. QStone believes that capital can generate additional return by enabling innovative technology to be converted into a performance based (rental) service.

Contact Aqaix:
James F. Banta – Vice President
+1 804 836 3899

Contact QStone Capital:
Jeroen M. Tielman – Founder-Managing Partner
+31 6 293 792 65