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Repair, Refurb, Replace?

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Repair, Refurb, Replace? What innovative methods can we use to measure the condition of our above and below ground assets, in order to better drive our investment policies?

Hosted by Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, SUTTON & EAST SURREY WATER

Jeremy shared 3 top takeaways from the discussion

1. We know a lot about our above and belowground assets, but we are missing key information, for example the time to next failure. As far as we were aware, there are no silver bullets that will solve the lack of understanding
2. We are all looking to calibrate the existing condition models that we have, via a variety of methodologies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are held up as potential technologies that will assist with this.
3. Other game changing technologies involve the ability to remote fix pipes and low-cost trenchless techniques. IoT sensors, satellite leak detection and network calming are other potential innovative technologies that will help address this.


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