World Water-Tech North America has revealed six US and Canadian start-ups who have been selected to unveil their cutting-edge technologies and breakthrough innovations at the summit. (October 24-25).

The water-tech start-ups will present in the renowned Technology Showcase sessions to an audience of over 250 global water leaders, technology integrators, engineers, utilities and investors.

A new addition to this year’s summit is the Start-Up TechHub where companies have a dedicated space within the exhibition and networking area to showcase their innovative technologies amongst high-profile attendees.

2018 Start-Ups:

Aqaix (USA) – The cloud platform revolutionizes water infrastructure financing using data and advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain smart contracts. Asset investors can improve profitability through more deals, derisking, and more efficient screening, due diligence, and portfolio monitoring where originators have faster access to more capital. Integrated IoT, financial, and other data gives investors full context on opportunities. The platform also enables blended and public or private finance models and enables Asset-Level ESG (Environmental/Social/Governance) portfolio analytics on water portfolios.

Aquacycl (USA) – provides technology for onsite wastewater treatment plants that can eliminate up to 80% of primary sludge, recover energy as direct electricity (no methane), and enable onsite water reuse at operational costs that are 50%-95% lower than incumbent technologies. Aquacycl provides systems through competitive equipment leasing and service plans; and strives to be the leading global provider of bio electrochemical technologies for decentralized industrial, agricultural, military and emerging market wastewater treatment applications.

Aquanty (Canada) – is a spin-off company from the University of Waterloo specializing in advanced computer simulations of how water and contaminants move through the terrestrial environment. Its best-in-class 3D simulation platform, HydroGeoSphere, is used to inform decision makers in sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining, watershed management and nuclear waste storage. When deployed in forecasting mode, the platform is used to provide real-time probabilistic forecasts of stream flow, soil moisture and groundwater levels.

PowerTech Water (USA) – is a cleantech company providing innovative solutions to water treatment through an environmentally friendly electrochemical technology platform. PTW develops and commercializes technologies converging on water and energy. It currently has three product offerings for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets: (1) INCION® I-Series, a capacitive deionization system to remove total dissolved solids (TDS – Salts, Minerals, & Metals); (2) INCION® M-Series, a capacitive coagulation system to remove dissolved and particulate metals; and (3) INCION® C-Series, an electro-dechlorination system. The PTW systems operate without the use of membranes, chemicals, or consumables providing a significant advantage over the competition.

Swirltex (Canada) – is a patented process that manipulates the buoyancy of a liquid stream and uses a spiral flow pattern through a tubular membrane to treat wastewater. Its unique ‘filtration as a service’ business model is an affordable option for smaller urban environments that cannot afford large capital outlays and creates marketable reuse water for customers. Its initial target market is municipal lagoons at risk of environmental non-compliance.

Water Pigeon (USA) – delivers high-resolution water usage data automatically with a proprietary, optical solution that can be installed in minutes and at half of the cost of current solutions. Water Pigeon allows utilities to make better decisions through the power of high resolution water usage information. The company is now deployed at three utilities in Southern California and is expanding its market.

Now in its 6th year, World Water-Tech North America is where US and Canadian water utilities find solutions to today’s challenges of digitization, resource recovery and infrastructure finance.

The summit is also the anchor event of Ontario Water Innovation Week (OnWIN), a full program of networking events, including a launch party and the AquaHacking Finals. The week attracts large delegations from Europe, India and China.

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