Feedback from Participating Start-Ups

“It is important for us to be able to connect with the water ecosystem in a broader way, meet the utilities that are doing this great work and have conversations about the biggest challenges and where we can fit in; having that opportunity at World Water-Tech is a huge advantage for us to be able to understand where we need to go.

The summit is great if you want to connect with executive level decision makers and utility leaders, meet your peers in the tech space and really see what’s going to be happening as next generations solutions for big challenges in our industry.”

CEO and Co-Founder, FREDSENSE

“I came here to listen to what’s going on industry-wide and with water, both currently and in the future and to learn from that. Certainly the meetings we have had in a very short period of time in a very concentrated area have been beneficial. The conference is set up in such a way that it is designed around meetings and not only socializing, but socializing in a business fashion, which has been extremely good for us – and we certainly look forward to coming back.

The summit is a great opportunity to meet people from all different parts of the industry and learn about their challenges firsthand and be able to ask questions.”


“The 2019 World Water-Tech North America Summit was a great tool for us to meet with US water utilities and directly pre-book meetings. It also gave us a great insight into the market.”

Marketing Manager, REZATEC

“The summit was wonderful, the 1 to 1 meetings were great, I was really impressed how open everyone was to discuss their challenges. We are also open to hear about new technology within the sector. I had so many meetings, which was great to face directly with potential customers. This was my priority at the summit.”

Director of Operations, DISPEL


“The summit went wonderfully, it was very well presented and very well organized with an interesting demographic of people and discussions that followed with high quality meetings. I will definitely be attending again.”

VP Business Development, WATERSIGN

“We had the possibility to meet decision makers and leaders in innovation from across the sector, who we have been able to connect with before. By having the 7 minutes on stage, we were able to make really good contacts that will definitely help us develop globally. At this summit we were able to reach out to several countries through one 7 minute pitch and a stand in the TechHub. It was perfect for us.”

Business Development Manager, ENGING

“The summit was a valuable event learning from technology
professionals and water utilities from around the world.
The conference was an ideal size allowing initiation of discussions
in an intimate environment with key decision makers.”

CEO and Co-Founder, CUSTOMEM

“As a technology owner and emerging technology it is always good to network in these kinds of summits. We came to present our  technology, find partners and opportunities to bring our new technology to the market. The summit is very well organised with good topics across all aspects when it comes to the water sector. There are the big players, both high and low investors, technology owners and governmental organisations. The summit is excellent for networking.”


“Cascade Water Products is delivering something new which is a culture change and that is using grey water to flush toilets and it is very important to be getting the message out there that grey water reuse is the future.

The summit is an excellent experience we have really enjoyed being here and have met so many interesting people and listening to the talks as well, has been very educational so I thoroughly recommend coming here.

We have got to look after our precious water resource. We also have to look at the energy involved in processing the water, whether it be for drinking water or for wastewater and we have got to look after the customer, and getting together like this helps people get ideas and from ideas, innovation happens.”


“Water utilities are embracing new and digital technology, it’s just a matter of aligning people from all levels within the organisation.

There are many initiatives to convert digital innovation into real value are already in place. Innovation bootcamps at Águas do Porto are a perfect example of that.

Finally, digital solutions like SwiftComply are part of the answer to a more resilient future that the water sector is looking for.”

Country Manager, SWIFTCOMPLY

“The summit was smaller and more intimate than most conferences and tradeshows I attend, however, very meaningful discussions and connections were made that could bring our technology to market. Overall the event was very professionally organized and executed.”


“The summit has been really useful for us and it was definitely at the right time. We have met a lot industry experts, gained some insights both from Defra, Ofwat and utility companies and other companies with some cutting-edge innovation. I am very keen to see everyone work together in this way of innovation and collaboration, but also true adoption and making sure both the innovators and the clients (utility companies) actually work together to create the solutions that we need to face climate change.”

CEO and Co-Founder, FIDO

Feedback from Shark Investor Panelists

When the water-tech entrepreneurs have presented on stage, a panel of investor sharks (as well as the summit audience) then ask questions to further understand the solution the presenter has showcased.

“The summit brings together a fascinating mix of senior decision-makers, early stage companies, and current ideas in the water sector. Highly recommended.”

VP Programming, IMAGINE H2O

“Bostonia is an investment banking firm focused on the environmental markets and we were pleased to participate in the World Water-Tech North America Summit. Rethink Events delivered a solid agenda and a diverse universe of participants in a well-organized forum at an attractive price point.  We’ll be back again…”.

Managing Partner, BOSTONIA GROUP

“The summit is a great opportunity to keep abreast of emerging companies, develop new relationships, and build on dialogues with existing partners.”

Managing Principal, H20 INSIGHTS

“The summit is a great opportunity to connect with key people from the industry, get some new ideas and learn about new technologies whilst having the chance to also catch up with old friends. The event is extremely well organized and takes place at a great location.”


Apply Now

Applications are open for water-tech entrepreneurs to join us at World Water-Tech North America 2022. We’d love to hear from you if you are a water-tech innovator ready to showcase your solution to an audience of technology adopters, investors and utilities.


For more information on presenting in the Start-Up Pitching Session or Exhibition in future World Water-Tech Summits, please contact:

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Business Development Manager
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